At Don A. Rouzan & Associates, we recognize the need to maintain harmony in the family unit.  We also understand the nature of the ills that have taken a toll on our community - poverty, inferior educational opportunities, economic disadvantages and discrimination, unequal treatment in the criminal justice system, and the social inequities that continue to persist after hundreds of years.  We share your experiences.  In addition to the real-world experiences that we share with our clients, we also have the training and experience to effectively handle their family and/or domestic law matters from a shared perspective with a high level of legal acumen.  Our attorneys can assist you in every aspect of your family and/or domestic law case to protect your rights and those of your children. We handle matters including: wills, successions, trusts, divorce, child custody, child support, paternity, interim spousal support, permanent spousal support, alimony, property settlement, and community property disputes.  If you have a family and/or domestic law matter that requires an attorney, call us and we will be strong advocates for your interests.