If you have ever been in an accident, you know how painful, stressful, and life-altering such an event can be.  Trying to function in daily life while in pain and having to deal with an insurance company that is unwilling to pay you the money that you deserve can be overwhelming and discouraging.  You can often be driven to accept less money than the amount to which you are entitled simply to make the stress go away.  However, months later you are still in pain and have no where else to turn.  If you have been hurt in an accident that was not your fault, contact us immediately for your free consultation so our legal team can start working on your case.  We have the resources to recover for you the money that you deserve.


The attorneys at Don A. Rouzan & Associates are highly experienced in handling Personal Injury cases and will fight hard for you to receive the financial compensation that you need to be made whole.  Over the many years of our combined law practices, we have gained tremendous experience working both sides of the aisle as plaintiff and defense counsel in the area of personal injury.  This is important because we have gained the ability to thoroughly understand the tactics that insurance companies and lawyers employ to defend against personal injury claims.  We know what to look for during the investigation of our clients' claims and how to develop strong cases for them.  Our experience and knowledge of our opponents puts our clients in the most ideal position to overcome the opposition's many efforts to avoid paying our clients the money that they deserve.  We want you to know that we are one in the same with you and will always have your best interests at heart.  Contact us today for a free consultation.


As soon as you call us, the case evaluation process begins.  Our intake department will:

  • Ask you detailed questions about your accident to start building your case
  • Once the information is gathered and your case is accepted, you will be assigned your Lawyer and Case Manager
  • Will schedule a time for you to come to our office, or for us to come to your home or work, to complete paperwork
  • Your Lawyer and Case Manager will keep you updated and answer all of the questions that you may have
  • During this time, our investigation team will collect medical documentation and other evidence such as
    • Insurance documents
    • Police reports
    • photographs of the wreck, accident site, and your injuries
    • witness statements
  • Our attorneys will handle the insurance companies and medical providers to get you the money that you deserve!